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By YoungPeach
Hey there!

I've installed ProcessMaker Community version 3.2.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I installed the system with a custom workspace name other than the default workflow.

What I've noticed is that when running a SOAP call, the system is using the workflow workspace instead of my custom one. I attempted to resolve by creating the workflow workspace, but now all SOAP calls are being made to the incorrect workspace.

I'm not sure if anything can be done about this, but I thought I'd try. :)
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By amosbatto
Are these SOAP calls from your custom code or are they being generated by ProcessMaker? If from ProcessMaker, what page in ProcessMaker or what action causes them?

If we know exactly where they are coming from, we can check the source code to see if the workspace name has been hard coded.
By YoungPeach
These are created by process maker itself and/or are examples from the PM documentation.

For example if I use PMFDerivateCase or routeCase

I've used both the trigger example to route past next case post routing and I've used simply PMFDerivateCase to attempt to skip the next step in the case and both during debug show the error. :)
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By amosbatto
Sounds like a bug to me. You should register it at

When you run a case with the debugger enabled, is the SYS_SYS variable set to the correct workspace?
If you add this line to your workflow/engine/config/env.ini file:
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What error message do you see when you call PMFDerivateCase() in a trigger?
By YoungPeach
The answer to this was all config problems on my end:

1) In the example trigger I stole from somewhere and mangled - I needed to change the soap object call to my system
2) In the same trigger - I needed to change it from 'localhost' to the actual URL of my site, as the server has several vhosts on it

$client = new SoapClient('http://<changed to my specific url>/sys<changed to correct system>/en/neoclassic/services/wsdl2');

Sorry for the bother. :)

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