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By isolice
Ubuntu 16.04
MySQL 5.7.24
PHP Version 5.6.39
Apache 2.4

Hi I've tried to install processmaker 3.3.0 community edition at least 15 times, every time I get the same result (as attached)
1) the designer does not load correctly
2) if I try to create and save a DynaForm I get "An error occurred while retrieving the access token"

I've spent 3 days searching for similar problems, does anyone have any ideas?

processmaker2.png (40.04 KiB) Viewed 945 times
processmaker1.png (50.48 KiB) Viewed 945 times
By isolice
Okay after many, many, MANY hours....

I found the solution to my problem, as I was using FPM & FCGI

I needed this line in my vhost config:
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SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1
I hope this will help someone!
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By amosbatto
Thanks for the tip. I never would have thought of that.
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By ziadeh
After upgrade from Processmaker 3.2 to 3.3, the designer won't load. Please see the attached image.
processmaker-update-3-3-.jpg (41.47 KiB) Viewed 824 times
processmaker-update-3-3.jpg (51.69 KiB) Viewed 826 times
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By ziadeh
I executed these commands and its fixed it:

cd /opt/processmaker
./processmaker migrate-new-cases-lists
./processmaker database-generate-self-service-by-value
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By amosbatto
Glad that you figured it out. I never would have thought of trying that.

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