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Hi Everyone!!
My name is Nelinho from Colombia!
My situation is:
We have ProcessMaker 3.2.3 (Enterprise Gold) installed in our insfrastructure, with a several Processes implemented and working fine (with some issues in solving by PM support team). Also have plugins and other components developed in house to serve our needs. We´re planning to upgrade to a PM 3.3. My question lies in to take the best decission in regards to what is more difficult between updating to 3.3 our current version (3.2.3) or installing 3.3 in a newly supplied machine, and migrating to this, all the processes, plugins, configurations and other elements necessary for the correct deployment . thanks in advance for your cooperation and help.

I usually upgrade the old version (as explained on the wiki) because it is easier, rather than installing a new version.

I have seen situations where it was not possible to run the "processmaker upgrade" command, so sometimes is it necessary to install the new version and then import the database and manually create the user (listed in the db.php file) and then run "processmaker upgrade-database" command to upgrade the database to work with the new ProcessMaker code.
Always make a backup of everything before doing the upgrade.

By the way, if you have a support contract with ProcessMaker, it is much easier to let them do the upgrade.
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