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By PornesianParapio
Hi guys.

I am ProcessMaker rookie.

I just installed my ProcessMaker yesterday and I already able to make tour on ProcessMaker by following available practices in YouTube. I just done half of it.

The problem is, when I try to resume my work, I cannot open my previous cases. I try to type but it keeps loading, for quite a long time.

How to start the ProcessMaker? There's no icon to click in it right? We need to type the localhost and then it will lead to our previous work right? Or I do it wrong?

Any other solution(s)? i tried to search the solution but the result is negative.

Please show me your way.
Thank you guys!
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By amosbatto
Are you using Chrome? Chrome is often configured to not allow web pages located at or localhost. Try using a different web browser or use the IP address assigned by to your ProcessMaker server (IP from DHCP or fixed IP or domain name).

If that isn't the problem, then answer the following questions:
What operating system?
What version of PM?
What installation method (manual or Bitnami)? Provide a link to the wiki page you followed if doing a manual install.
Do you see anything when trying to load
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