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By peterhuber
I am new to processmaker and do have a questtion regarding the rights management.
After installing version 3.2.1 community I want Manager to use the designer and design new processes and I want operators to see these processes.. We just want to visualize processes in the first step.

Is this possible, somehow?

By amosbatto
Operator users can see the process map by opening a case and going to Information > Process Map in the menu. You can assign users Process Permissions so they can see the DynaForms, Input Documents and Output Documents in a task in read-only mode. You can give the users the PM_ALLCASES permission in their role to allow them to see cases that they haven't participated in.

There is no way for Operator users to be able to open the processes listed under the Designer menu in read-only mode.

If you just want the Operators to be able to see a list of the available processes and the process map and DynaForms for each one, I recommend creating your own web page under /processmaker/workflow/public_html which has a description of each process and screen shots of the process map and DynaForms. Then add a link field in your DynaForms so the user can open that web page to get more information.
By JoannaAquino
I am also new here! Thanks for the guideline! I'm sure that operator users can see the process map. It became so much clear!

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