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By jezmathers
Is there a way to turn off (or configure what is logged) the "Standard Logging" feature introduced in version 3.1? I have daily log files that are 300-400MB and this is consuming a lot of disk space!? Or is 300-400MB of logs per day an indication of a problem/issue?!
By jezmathers
Upon review of one of these large logs, I am seeing a lot of errors <400> pertaining to sql executions for one of my processes. Each error message is very large and I have attached an example! Also, there does not appear to any issue (to end users) that there is any problems with this particular workflow process?
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By amosbatto
It looks like you either have not properly configured a database connection, or you are doing an SQL query in a DynaForm where you haven't selected the database connection.

If you can't figure out where the problem is, then look up the ID 12661266159ee2f18d187a4023611929 in your database. It is probably the ID of a process or the ID of a database connection.
By jezmathers
Upon further investigation, I have discovered that I am generating an "sqlExecution Error" for every SQL query (in a Dynaform) to my external (MS SQL) database, for any of my BPMN processes. I do not generate the sqlExecution Error in the PM log for any of my Classic Processes that have SQL queries to the same external database. Note, I do not get the sqlExecution Error when querying the PM database.

To confirm I created a new BPMN process, added a Database Connection to my MS SQL Server (passed all tests), created a new Dynaform and added a single dropdown field with a simple SQL query (select CSCODE, CSNAME from CUSTOMER) using the external database connector. I then ran a new case. Within the dynaform my SQL query is working and my dropdown is populated with data from my MS SQL Database. However, as soon as the Dynafrom is opened a <400> error is written to the PM log (See attachment).

It also appears that the error was not being logged prior to me upgrading from v3.1.3 to 3.2.1.
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By amosbatto
You should register a bug report about this. I know that they are rewriting parts of the MSSQL code for PM 3.2.2 which will be released in February or March of 2018.

If you want to stop the logging of SQL errors, then edit the file workflow/engine/classes/class.pmDynaform.php
and change line 819 from:
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            \Bootstrap::registerMonolog("sqlExecution", 400, "Sql Execution", $this->context, $this->sysSys, "processmaker.log"); 
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           // \Bootstrap::registerMonolog("sqlExecution", 400, "Sql Execution", $this->context, $this->sysSys, "processmaker.log"); 

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