Discussion and questions around ProcessMaker Licensing

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By Peragin
Hi there,

This may be a silly question relating to a production implementation for an organisation, but why would one pay for enterprise when you can use the community version for free?

It is not clear what advantages or value is derived from paying an not insignificant cost for enterprise.

I think this should be clarified in the documentation, or at least make it easier to find if it's already there.

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By programerboy
The process core of both versions is almost the same, and in terms of process design environment and process creation, the two versions are no different.
But in the enterprise version, you have the official support of ProcessMaker company, and also a series of plugins are provided in this version.
We implement some plugins such as report builder, chart maker, menu builder, desktop appearance change, automatic login, etc. and offer them on the public version, you can view and review them on our website.


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