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ProcessMaker Release Notes
v. 2.0.42 (Release date: July 10th, 2012)

ProcessMaker 2.0.42 is an stable release with 102 bugs fixed.

Fixed bugs

● Single application issue executing several cases when main menu disappears 9210
● Grid issues
● Read only fields that are not being saved correctly 8914
● Checkbox fields not being saved [9147]
● Fields with float masks (decimal sign) [9106][9177]

● Date field issue on editing [9238]
● Creating Report Tables on external Database [9246]
● Numeric Keypad keys not accepted on fields with numeric Validation [9268]
● Skin persistence under Simplified User Experience) [9295]
● Possibility to execute stored procedures using executeQuery trigger.[9087]
● Uploaded file from Webentry or Webservice is not transferred to active plug-in [9088]


● Possibility to add options to Simplified User Experience menu [9294]
● On the registration of a new user, an User ID validation for existing usernames was added, and now a Password is verified with the Password Privacy Politics. See the documentation here

Known Issues

● Zend Server Output Document differences between DOC and PDF. [6871].
● When language is different from English in Chrome in Report Table creation (from Admin side) list of processes is not being displayed correctly.
● In debug state and a language different from English Triggers are not being shown.
● Editable Dates with Hour mask not working properly [9238]
● With IIS 7 and IE9 text field validation works correctly but change color of the text to white. Related bugs [8805]
● When the enterprise plug-in is installed or enabled and disabled in uxmodern skin, the interface changes to classic skin automatically.
● In order to install or update the enterprise plug-in is recommended to verify that the folder permissions are correctly set in the ProcessMaker folder. Read the installation instructions in the wiki to assign the correct folder permissions.
● When a new version of ProcessMaker is updated it’s recommended to clean the cache to assure the correct apply of the new functionality. The clean cache option is available in Configuration / settings / clean cache option.

Languages ( ... tions/2.0/)

● English (Default core language)
● Spanish (Updated for 2.0.42)
● French (Updated for 2.0.42)

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