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The ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the RC2 of ProcessMaker 3.0.


Supported operating systems

See Supported Stacks.

Tested Web Browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox v36
- Google Chrome v41
- Internet Explorer v10 and v11

For more information visit this link.


- New style applied into the ProcessMap and its elements.
- Variables can be defined independently from a Dynaform.

Bug fixes:

* Task defined by default in the gateways does not require a condition.
* When configuring the Timing Control, this accepts negative values inside the “Task Duration” field.
* The generated WebEntry does not show assigned elements to a DynaForm.
* Clear button should validate if the DynaForm has elements.
* Saving problem in the "ASSIGNMENT RULES: X" dialog box in the BPMN Designer.
* Can not delete Department, because it is not possible to remove the supervisor.
* It is not possible to attach files in the Templates editor.
* The header and main menu of a DynaForm disappear when opening the Conditional Editor interface.
* The cancel button does not show a confirmation message when creating a trigger.
* Message events configurations are not saved.
* It is not possible to add the Group component over Pools and lanes.
* It is not possible to connect Databases defined for ProcessMaker (Oracle, MSSQL)"Routing Rule" configuration does not work in sub-process.
* Pools does not save the assigned label.
* Imported process is not listed in the DESIGNER unless the user refreshes the list.
* Error when Process Supervisor uploads a new version of an input document.
* The routing condition with currency doesn't work. The save button has no functionality in the creation of database connections.
* When using "Data objects" and changing the type, all connections in the process are lost.
* "Black box pool" element does not save the assigned label.
* If using the "Event-based gateway", the process cannot be saved.The database connection ID is not the correct one.
* The task information window doesn't have the quit button visible.
* Dependent text fields are not working properly.
* Error message when creating a web entry.You should not be able to connect a sequence flow from within a pool to outside the pool.
* Once a Lane is added to a pool, it is not possible to edit any elements inside Pool.
* Cancelled Case appears in Inbox.
* REST endpoint PUT department/{dep_uid}/assign-user/{usr_uid} should use HTTP status code 201, not 200.
* If the workspace name is misspelled when calling a REST endpoint, there is an exception and the HTTP status code 503 is returned.
* Create Department: POST /department /api/1.0/{workspace}/department.
* Change error message for REST endpoint GET /cases/{app_uid}/current-task if "COMPLETED" status.

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of features, known issues and bugs-fixes.

* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* English (Default Core)

Beta Availability
ProcessMaker 3.0 RC2 trtversion is available for Linux and Windows platforms. Download them from this site.


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0 and its new features please see our latest documentation: ... ntation3_X.

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0 (RC2) please go to this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select "ProcessMaker v3.0 RC2" in Product version.

How to contribute?

* We need your help to make ProcessMaker 3.0 a better release, so please take some time to download and try out the beta. Your feedback is very important to us!.

* If you are willing to help translate this version into your native language just tell us by sending an email to communityATcolosaDOTcom.

Don't forget that any contribution you provide us will be mentioned in our Wiki, Social Media and Forum!

Enjoy it!

You have to register in this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and that's all and fill the Summary and Description field, don't forget to mention that the bug corresponds to version RC2. We are creating the RC2 project and we will move your bug to that corresponding project.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you will provide us :)

I have added the following to pmos.conf:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /app.php [QSA,L]

When I go to the page I get the message "Please review your apache virtual host configuration file, and be sure you have the following rules".

After looking at the apache log, I see the following:

[Tue Mar 31 15:30:43 2015] [error] [client] PHP Warning: include(/opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/content/languages/translation.): f
ailed to open stream: No such file or directory in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/controllers/installer.php on line 17
[Tue Mar 31 15:30:43 2015] [error] [client] PHP Warning: include(): Failed opening '/opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/content/languag
es/translation.' for inclusion (include_path='/opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/:/opt/processmaker/gulliver/thirdparty/:/opt/processmaker/gulliver/t
hirdparty/pear:/opt/processmaker/rbac/engine/:.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/controllers/installer.php on l
ine 17

The SYS_LANG is not being set. Where can I set that?
After fresh install. processes_map.php fails with;
Fatal error: Call to undefined method PMLicensedFeatures::verifyfeature() in /data/processmaker/workflow/engine/methods/processes/processes_Map.php on line 85 Call Stack: 0.0002 682056 1. {main}() /data/processmaker/workflow/public_html/app.php:0 0.0030 1706216 2. include('/data/processmaker/workflow/public_html/sysGeneric.php') /data/processmaker/workflow/public_html/app.php:50 0.0669 19278680 3. require_once('/data/processmaker/workflow/engine/methods/processes/processes_Map.php') /data/processmaker/workflow/public_html/sysGeneric.php:976

Tried to hash out the verifyfeature. It appears there is no longer HTML5 BPMN design option. Has the new BPMN Process design feature removed from RC2 ?


Could you tell me the platform you are using your PHP and Apache version please?

The HTML5/Responsive DynaForms was not removed, the options to copy/import a DynaForm and the creation of a PMTable from a Dynaform were removed. Now you will have just one option to create a Blank Dynaform.

Hi Liliana,

Just tried out this RC and couldn't find out how to add javascript to new html5/responsive

also got hung up trying to add a new project, not a bpmn project- looks like I might not be licensed for that?
newproject.jpg (38.51 KiB) Viewed 4081 times
not sure what's going on?

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