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ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the new BETA release which includes some features and bug fixes detailed below.

Remember that this is a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment.

New features:

* Message types were included in the BPMN Designer.
* Add Support for Intermediate Message event(outbound).
* Add support for Intermediate Message event(inbound).
* Add support for Start Message event (inbound)
* Add support for End Message Events (outbound).
* Support for more BPMN shapes in the designer.
* Implement Boundary Events in the designer.

Bug Fixes

* Horizontal and vertical lines are hard to remove in Process designer
* The properties window does not open object Startimer.
* Can not access the sum values of grids.
* The "Text transform to" properties does not convert Capitalize and Title text.
* The “Formula” option does not have any action.
* The "Javascript" option does not have any action.
* max length property does not validate fields correctly.
* Error message after opening a process.
* There is no validation of entered values in grid fields.
* Variables are not displayed when creating a public file or template.
* When executing a case, it is not possible to add documents in an Input

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of features, known issues and bugs-fixes.

* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* English (Default Core)

Beta Availability
ProcessMaker 3.0 Beta version is available for Linux and Windows platforms. Download them from this site.


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0 and its new features please see our latest documentation: ... ntation3_X.

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0 (beta 3) please go to this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select "ProcessMaker v3.0 beta4" in Product version.

How to contribute?

* We need your help to make ProcessMaker 3.0 a better release, so please take some time to download and try out the beta. Your feedback is very important to us!.

* If you are willing to help translate this version into your native language just tell us by sending an email to communityATcolosaDOTcom.

Don't forget that any contribution you provide us will be mentioned in our Wiki, Social Media and Forum!

Enjoy it!
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