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By yakoair
Good morning Community!

The ProcessMaker Development release, tagged 2.x-dev, goes public starting today.

What is the Development Release intended for?
    [*] Show upcoming features to our customers, partners and the ProcessMaker community. [*] Receive early feedback on hot new features. [*] Reach a stable and production ready ProcessMaker release for upcoming version 2.2. [*] Accept and look forward community feedback [*] Release early, release often
New features:
    [*] More Skins. [*] Free Notes attached to runing cases, visible to all participants. [*] Full Text Search in Case Variables. [*] Memcached now improves performance. [*] PMMonitor Plugin: SysAdmins can now monitor logs with ease. [*] Conditional Events: you can query case variables before triggering Events.
Improved features:
    [*] Better user experience: now the main menu is using ExtJS. [*] Debugger improved. [*] Advanced LDAP Plugin is improved to sync large numbers of users. [*] PM Tables improved
You can download the 2.x-dev Release from

We are looking forward to get your feedback on the new User Interface and functionalities. We also encourage you to report bugs ( you might encounter while testing this new version to help us improve our product, we have created the Project named “ProcessMaker Dev Release”.

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