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ProcessMaker team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 2.5 of the tool. This new version unlike the last one, which was 2.0.45, will be released as 2.5 because of the improvements and features that are included in it.

Below you can give a glimpse of some of the incredible features and enhancements included in this version:

* Performance and Stability: You will be able to experiment a new face of ProcessMaker, some of the issues that were affecting the speed were fixed, ProcessMaker performance will be increased, reducing bottle necks that some queries, JavaScript code and the execution of cases may cause. Navigation and the cases execution will be improved increasing the time response of most requests.

* New WYSWYG HTML Editor: All editors used to create templates and documents, Output Documents, Email Templates and Dynaform HTML Templates, were standardized, removing the old Editor used until version 2.0.45, and implementing the TinyMCE Editor based on a WYSIWYG Open Source component. This editor gives stability when Documents are being created. You can check documentation of this editor on our wiki.

* New PDF Generator Engine (TCPDF): This does not mean that the Editor HTML2PDF used until version 2.0.45 has been removed, on the contrary, one of the greatest advantages of this new feature is the possibility to use either of the two engines, permitting to have a backward compatibility with old versions of Documents generated on ProcessMaker. This new engine will allow users to generate documents which contains more than 6 pages.

* Validation added when session expires: If you had a hard time editing Dynaforms and losing session before saving them, the solution will come on this version. If session expires while you are editing a Dynaform, a warning will come up where you will enter your password and all the information added until this time, will be automatically saved.

* Possibility to copy existing Triggers: if you want to reuse Triggers created on any Process of your workspace, now you will have the chance to copy them saving time creating or copying them again.

They are just some of changes and new features included on version 2.5, give this new version a try by downloading our Beta testing 8 from this page.

We will looking forward to your feedback about this new version.

Best Regards.

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