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Dear Community,

ProcessMaker Team is planning to add new calendars inside ProcessMaker interface for the Community Edition, that's why we are looking for someone who has experience, knowledge or maybe someone who has developed this type or calendar. Any contributions will be really appreciated :) and of course mentioned on our wiki and release notes.

You can post your contributions on this post, or sending it by email to lilianaATcolosaDOTcom

Thank you very much for being involved with ProcessMaker!!

Best Regards.
Hi liliana,

A year ago I was trying to do it by myself, I failed. Still I remember there was an small error where I failed to figure how to solve it. I was away for more than a year from processmaker and I back now to work as a Freelancer in Saudi Arabia and the Hijri Calender is the only calender used there :| . So I'm willing to contribute.

Also I'm not a pure programmer (System admin) but I can survive with coding :mrgreen:
Please for more contact, email me here : [email protected]

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