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Dear Community,

It's a pleasure to announce that from version 2.0.46 ProcessMaker will turn into innovative changes, those will be included on the January release.

One of the main improvements will be the significant ProcessMaker speed improvement from this version 2.0.46 and additional releases planned for Q1 2013, people will notice this change gradually as versions will release. To improve ProcessMaker performance optimization while creating, running cases and navigating inside the tool by:

- Minimize the bandwidth and optimize the response time of all pages.

- Add new features which will help to keep the performance optimal: adding the case archive and improvements on Solr.

- Improvements not only in the DataBase but also in PHP Code.

The change on the WISWYG HTML Editor, is one of the great changes on this version, this will be replaced for the TinyMCE. Since a lot of people have requests with the HTML editor, this new will bring more resources to create templates easy-to-create and use. This Editor will be used on: Output Documents, Email Templates and Editor for Dynaforms; moreover, a picker button will be included to use case variables inside templates. The new Picker variable is the same component used on all ProcessMaker versions.

Another great improvement will be the possibility to Configure skins by workspace, this is really useful specially if users have more than one independent workspace.

Not far from those great features, the possibility to copy triggers from the server or current workspace is another great request asked for the Community, this will save time spent on copy triggers on the local machine to be copied into another process; now they will be reusable.

Finally, amongst the features, the creation of Web Services and PM functions: to add case notes, to obtain user information, to add Input Documents easily on dynaforms.

And let's not forget the bugs fixed for this version: Functions on Grids, Print icon on dynaforms, Report Tables with grids, Hints on Link fields in DynaForms, possibility to use negative numbers in currency fields amongst others.

Thanks to the community for giving great feedback to have ProcessMaker contribute with the best resources!!

This is just a view of what's next with ProcessMaker. For more information visit our Roadmap

Best Regards.
Hi all,

For this question
Are BPMN 2 and gearman still on the release 3 roadmap
Gearman is still on the roadmap, but it doesn't have an exact release date, so as soon as we have a release date confirmed. BMPN may be included on version 3 of ProcessMaker (without an exact release date). In the meantime, we are focusing on have new plugins and integrations as well as a considerable improvement on the performance.

For this question:
Will Extjs be complety dropped in favor of jquery ? What jquery framework suite has been choosed (jqwidgets, kendo ui...)
Yes, and jquery will be used as a base, the framework suit will be explained in detail a release before this integration will be completed.

For this question:
Can we create Tabs within a dynaform ? Or do we still have to do it as "steps" in every task ?
"Steps" will be used so there isn't any request to use tabs within dynaforms, but it may be added on further versions of ProcessMaker by adding a feature request. However, the improvement on Dynaforms, for now, is adding a dropdown on the dynaform editor to choose from all dynaforms available on the process to be edited without exit the dynaform editor; moreover, the dynaoform editor will be also improved by adding the possibility to edit (using drag and drop) in two columns the controls.

If you have any other doubts just let me know.

Best Regards

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