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By fardon
Hola amigos, queria saber como se llama el archivo de configuración de la pantalla de inicio y cual es la ruta donde se encuentra, quisiera cambiar las etiquetas "Please enter your credentials below" y "Login"


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By amosbatto
Login as the "admin" user (or another user with the PM_SETUPADVANCE permission in his/her role). Go to Admin > Languages and select the English language (or whatever language you are using). Then, export the translation file which has a .po extension. Then, edit it with PoEdit (which you can download here). Search for the phrases that you want to change and edit them. Some phrases are defined multiple times, so they many have to be changed in multiple places in the .po file. When done editing, save the .po file. Then, open ProcessMaker and go to Admin > Languages again and import the .po file. The phrases you changed should appear in the ProcessMaker interface when you reload the page by pressing CTL+F5 or CTL+SHIFT+r.

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