Discussion about the internationalization and localization of ProcessMaker

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By AmmarMakh
Hi everybody
i am using processmaker 2.0.40 and i try to change the language to arabic. i downloaded a .po file and now try to upload it but it is still uploading and i am waiting>> please any help
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By liliana

Well I've downloaded the .po file also and I uploaded on version 2.0.41 (Centos 6.2) and It took a while to have the file uploaded, but it finally did but with some errors beacuse this .po file was no longer supported for any people of the community so many labels are not translaed, If you click on another place while file is uploading maybe it can finish and the file appears on the list.

Could you try clearing browser and PM cache?
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By liliana
Thank you very much!!! I've received the mail so I'll test it and soon it will be included on ProcessMaker

Best Regards
By osmansays
monzerosama wrote:Hello
I Just created Arabic translation File, Download it from the attachment

Salam Monzer ,

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