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By linxd0
after I translated the po file export from english language into chinese. there are still many words display in english. how can I do or why?
for example,where view the summary of a case: the words "Uploaded Documents" can't be translated
where view the task info of case ,the form label: Title,Description,Init date, etc. all in english.
amosbatto wrote:By the way, if you want to make your Chinese translation available for download at sourceforge, please email it to: liliana AT colosa DOT com

I need the Chinese translation source code. Do you happen to have it? If I get it from you, will I be able to use it for any purpose? Thanks for your help.
For which version of ProcessMaker do you need the translation? because the last update was for 2011-07-12, but you can download it from here and also the list on the wiki. If you have a recent version of ProcessMaker at the time of importing the language it may display some warnings but the translation will work except for new labels.


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