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By liliana

I've checked the file and I have errors with deprecated labels. I modified the file and everything is working without any errors. I've attached the file in this post check it please and let me know if everything is working without any errors.

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By caiorehenrique
Liliana, thanks for the fast respond

but still the same error
Error: /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/xmlform/cases/cases_Scheduler_Edit.xml is a invalid xml file!

I´m using processmaker 2.5.2
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By liliana
Maybe the that file is corrupt. Have you tried to open it?. A solution could be to copy that file again or compare with a file from version 2.5.1.
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By liliana
It should be in the same path:
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Just in case, don't forget to make a copy of the original file.

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