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By zeiscas
I'm using english pack to design my processes but they will be used on spanish. I thought this procedure will be fine but I'm having some starnge issues. The last one is related with the Subprocesses titles that simply disapeared from the flow chart!

Did you ever had this problem?

Thank you.
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By amosbatto
You can fix this by logging in Spanish and define the titles of your tasks. See: http://wiki.processmaker.com/index.php/ ... _Processes

The problem is there is no Spanish phrase is designated for the subprocess task (in the wf_workflow.CONTENT.CON_VALUE field where CON_LANG='es'), then then subprocess title should take the English title. I filed a bug report about how to fix this: http://bugs.processmaker.com/view.php?id=6137

It helps to leave notes in bug reports to prioritize the bug being fixed.

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