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In our company, it's imperative that our systems only support the portuguese language, so we need to disable the processmaker english language. How can we do that?

We need to remove the language dropdown from the login page, and redirect users from "/sys/en/green/" URL to "/sys/pt/green/".

Could you please help us here?

Thanks in advance,
marcosupport wrote:Hello andregs,
First of all, you shouldn't remove the English translation for two reasons: First, when upgrading ProcessMaker it is necessary to have the English tranlslation because this translation is the most complete of all translations the other translations take some time to be updated.

However, you can avoid the English translation to be displayed in the dropdown without remove it, follow these instructions:
    [*]Edit the login.xml file mcedit /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/xmlform/login/login.xml [*]look up for this line: [code]SELECT LAN_ID, LAN_NAME FROM LANGUAGE WHERE LAN_ENABLED = '1' ORDER BY LAN_WEIGHT DESC[/code] and add this: [code]SELECT LAN_ID, LAN_NAME FROM LANGUAGE WHERE LAN_ENABLED = '1' AND LAN_ID <> 'en' ORDER BY LAN_WEIGHT DESC[/code] [*]Remove the compiled cache and try again ProcessMaker
That should solve the problem, I hope that answers the question.

Best regards,
Hi, Marco. Thanks for that tip.

Unfortunately, it seems things are different in the new pmos-2.0. Take a look at the sql in D:\pmos-2.0-1\workflow\engine\xmlform\login\login.xml
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How can I implement your tip in the new pmos?

Thank you,

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