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By demonter
Hi folks

I have just finished Polish translation of ProcessMaker 2.5.1. As the quality of original polish translation in the available processmaker.pl.po file was not acceptable I dumped it and translated everything from scratch.
I used processmaker.en.po file exported from the latest ProcessMaker version (2.5.1). The translation is complete, which means that all the items included in the .po file have been translated. Before I make it available to the public I need someone who will help me to find and catalog all the hardcoded items and make overall improvements. I want to submit hardcoded items as a bugs in Processmaker's Mantis. Fixing it should also improve the quality of other languages I think.


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By liliana

Our current translation is out of date so thanks for what you are doing right now. About your question, now the only way to know which labels are harcoded is when you upload your polish translations, the labels which are harcoded will be in English and if some label is not applied correctly it will appear like *ID_LABEL_BUTTON*.

I can help you finding some harcoded labels since we are doing a catalog of each translation in ProcessMaker, but we have not started with hardcoded labels yet.

By demonter
Hi again

If you have a list of hardcoded labels, would you be willing to send it to me? I am ready to translate it right away and send it back to you.


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By SwondeR
Your translation will only appear if the website is running in the specified language. I do intend to add support for client-specific language selection and manual language selection, but I'm not sure when this will become available.
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By amosbatto
Dashabig wrote:some body told me I can find korean translation here
but I search and found nothing

does any body know where it is?
There has never been a Korean translation of the PM interface. We did change the code to support the use of Korean in Output Documents, but there has has never been a translation in Korean. If you would like to start a translation, see http://wiki.processmaker.com/3.0/Transl ... ocessMaker

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