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By agonirena
Hi everybody:
Before starting to translate the application into spanish (Spain), I would like to now if there is anybody working on it yet.
By pappland
hi, i'm trying to complete the spanish translations like **ID_WORKSPACE_USING**, **ID_STARTED_CASES**... and some more.
But I have problems for it works. There are any special sintax?.

I'm trying to do something like this:

msgid "Using workspace"
msgstr "Workspace en uso"
By pappland
amosbatto wrote:Hi pappland,
Francisco Romero just submitted a new Spanish translation for ProcessMaker, so you might want to download it at:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/process ... o/download

(You are welcome to review it and improve it.)
I think there is a better translation is one of the phrases in the Spanish translation. A mi me has caused some problems to understand.

the phrase is: "Luego de enrutar notificar a los siguientes usuarios asignados".
i think is better: "Después de enrutar, notificar mensaje a los usuarios asignados).

I'm trying to do for myself, but I can not find the phrase in my processmaker.es.po. I'm not very familiar with tradcción files and I think that's my problem.

I changed some more translations and I think might be interesting for someone else. Is there any way to contribute my changes to the community?
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By amosbatto
You should use PoEdit to edit the translation files. Read this: http://wiki.processmaker.com/index.php/ ... ocessMaker
There is currently a bug in PoEdit, so you can't upload the translation file to ProcessMaker without manually editing the text file in a plain text editor (such as Notepad++ or gedit). See this: http://forum.processmaker.com/viewtopic ... edit#p4745
This bug should be fixed in the next version of PoEdit (1.5).
By kiersten
Hi Pappland, I agree with the punctuation mark you corrected.
I would make just a slight change:
Después de redirigir, notificar mensaje a los usuarios asignados.
(Actually we don't use the word enrutar, though the meaning is ok it is not very frequent.)

Should you need help to continue translating I would like to make my contribution in Spanish Translation Services.

By Guillo
Hey guys!
I have been searching the forum and found my way to the spanish versions catalogue, but I already have the software running in english and I have no idea where to start with the translation files. Can you point me towards a How-to of some sort, some step by step dummy-proof explanation?

I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
By victoriaw
I would like to provide my Latin American Spanish translation services, I've found several mistakes in the present catalog, but I think the person who translated it thought was right. I want to contact that person just to ask...

Thank you!
By ArturoRobles
Hello victoriaw,

I did some of the translation work to spanish for the 1.8beta version of ProcessMaker, so you can ask me directly what doubts you may have about it.

And thank you for volunteering to correct it. That´s the spirit of an Open Source Community that we at Colosa want to grow.

So, please feel free to ask any questions you may have about ProcessMaker in the forums, and also to answer any question you may know that are posted by your fellow members.

Thank you for your interest in ProcessMaker.
By adwil70
Hi there! I am also interested in helping out in the translation of the labels as I have a deep understanding of the Spanish language. I checked on the catalog, and though translations were right, there were some mistakes that could mislead the user. If you would need more help, you can just alert me. Thank you!

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