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By erpnedir
I want to use User Experience Simplified in my language. I exported the language file, but can not find the phrases of UXS. Can I translate the phrases in UXS screens like "My Inbox", "Start a case for:" and etc?
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By liliana
Hi erpnedir,

For the moment it is not possible to have translations for any of the User Experience options, in further releases of ProcessMaker it will be included.

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By liliana
Hi shark10,

The position of some icons using RTL works but some translations don't, I've attached a screenshot for this part.

ux  RTL.png
ux RTL.png (13.24 KiB) Viewed 1954 times
By shark10
I tried this with Hebrew. doesn't seem to be RTL.
the form direction is LTR (lables are on the left hand and grids direction is LTR). In classic skin it's fine.
Does it require a special modification request to be fixed/changed?
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By liliana
For the moment is not possible to have any modifications, it is planned to have a RTL skin for RTL languages, but it will be included on further versions of ProcessMaker, in the meantime a request could be made to have this part working.


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