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By MostafaArab
I need to know how processmaker 3.1 determine bidi languages and use RTL.CSS.
I used a PO file for Persian language and in processmaker environment the forms are right-to-left.
But when my dynaform is displayed it is left-to-right ( the form language is set to Persian ).
It seems that processmaker don't determine that dynaform should be displayed RTL.
I need more details about where processmaker try to determine form language and why it is done in wrong way.
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By amosbatto
Mostafa, I don't think that right-to-left languages have been tested yet in PM3, since we just the text for our Arabic translation. Please file a bug report about it at http://bugs.processmaker.com and post a link to your bug report so I can show it to the developers at the next bug meeting.
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By amosbatto
I talked to the developers. They have a partial translation in Arabic just for the Home menu and the Mobile app that they are testing for the next version of ProcessMaker. They say that you should wait for them to fix the right-to-left functionality. Also, if you want to help complete the translation in Arabic, please wait for the next version of PM.
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By MostafaArab
Dear amosbatto
Thank you for the reply
Actually I am Persian and can help only for my language.
Is there any estimation for the next release?
By Sajedeh
I am still struggling with this problem in 2019.
I tested with Chrome, FireFox and IE, but neither of them display the dynaforms right to left.
Does this problem still persist in newer versions? Is there any way to fix it? :?:
By Sajedeh
I am struggling with this issue in 2019. I tested with Chrome, Firefox and IE. Neither of them worked.
Could you please provide instructions how to fix this problem?

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By amosbatto
I know that right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew worked in version 2.5.2. You might be able to use classic processes in version 3 with right-to-left languages. Tomorrow, I will test it and get back to you.
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By amosbatto
I just tried the Arabic translation from version 2.5.1 in version 3.3.8 and it seems to work, but I don't know Arabic so I can't tell you if the letters are right-to-left or not:
ArabicInPM.png (46 KiB) Viewed 5253 times
Here is the PO file to import by going to Admin > Settings > Languages:
https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/proje ... r.ar-SA.po

At the login screen, you need to select "Arabic" for the language.
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