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The participation of the community is an important factor in the success of every open source project. Colosa is announcing the chance for you to contribute code in order to enhance and improve ProcessMaker. This will be a big chance for every developer to have their own code written and published in each month’s release.

The best way to manage code contributions is using Github – a control system ideal for the collaborative development of software, which we consider to be the best way to collaborate with others. Fork, send or pull requests and manage all of your public and private GIT repositories.

Benefits of community code contribution

* To have more bugs fixed by the community, starting with the easiest and working up to the difficult ones. This should result in more bugs being fixed in a shorter space of time. Bugs can be viewed at

* To get more contributions for new features as well as new ideas from the community.

Standards to follow
Of course, not everybody programs in the same way, therefore some rules are being established based on a PSR2 standard. Visit this page for more information about the PSR2 standard.

How to contribute code

Contributing code is easy – just write good quality, general-purpose code and follow the standard mentioned above.

To contribute code, the following requirements are necessary:

* Knowledge of GIT.

* PHP code

* Knowledge of ProcessMaker

* Ability to follow the rules based on the PSR2 standard mentioned above.

You also need to create an account on Github where you will push your changes (known as a pull request) under your own Github account. Those changes will be revised by ProcessMaker developers who will decide if those changes will be accepted or rejected. If they are accepted, those code contributions will be part of ProcessMaker further releases.

The ProcessMaker official guide to contribute code with standards and rules will be published on the wiki soon.

Please Note:
In order to contribute code, you will need to sign a Contribute License Agreement (CLA). Check this document for more details.

We are looking forward to more interaction from our online community as we work together to shape and further improve ProcessMaker in the coming months and beyond!
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