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As many of you know, I quit working at ProcessMaker Inc last September, and the site stopped working not long after that. Since I was no longer with the company, I have been unable to resolve the problem.

A number of people have contacted me, asking me to set up the site in another location. Since I didn't have a backup copy of the site, I was unable to do it. However, someone who downloaded a copy of the site when it was still working has passed me a copy of the wiki pages on the site.

The question I have for everyone on the forum is whether you would like me to recreate the site in a new location?
If so, does anyone a suggestion for the domain name? I am thinking of using "", but please reply to this post if you have a better suggestion for the domain name.

Also, I would like to hear from Processmaker Inc, if anyone at the company has a problem with me setting up an independent wiki to help ProcessMaker users. All of this would be much easier for me if someone at the company would pass me a backup of the old site, since I won't have to manually recreate the MediaWiki installation.
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