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By giovani
We are proud to announce ProcessMaker version 3.0.1, improving on our new ProcessMaker 3.0 platform, which we first released in May.


Supported operating systems:

Review supported stacks here:

Tested Web Browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox v37
- Google Chrome v41
- Internet Explorer v10 and v11

For more information visit this link: ... d_Browsers

New Features

- New “Save as” option to create copies of processes.
- New “array” variable type.
- Event to event connection support.
- New start timer events.
- Task timing control in minutes.
- A complete set of JavaScript methods to access and control DynaForms.


- Improved Datepicker control.
- Helper tooltips for the Process Designer and the KPI Dashboard.
- Option to create variables inside the Dynaform Builder.

Bug fixes

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of features, known issues and fixed bugs here: ... 3aYwIQ/pub

* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* English (Default Core)

ProcessMaker 3.0.1 installers for Linux and Windows platforms, can be downloaded from the following site: ... ker/3.0.1/


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0.1 and its new features, please see our latest documentation: ... ntation3_X

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0.1, please go to this page:, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select "ProcessMaker v3.0.1" in the Product version.

How to contribute?

* If you are willing to help translate this version into your language, let us know by sending an email to community AT processmaker DOT com

Don't forget that any contribution you provide us will be mentioned in our Wiki, Social Media and Forum!

Take advantage of the new flexibility and features of ProcessMaker!

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