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After months of testing and developing, the stable release of ProcessMaker 3.0 has been finally released! Great features, enhancements and bug fixes are part of this version.


Supported operating systems

See Supported Stacks.

Tested Web Browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox v37
- Google Chrome v41
- Internet Explorer v10 and v11

For more information visit this link.

New Features

- A new powerful design for your user experience
- A new BPMN 2.0 Designer
- Compatibility with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices
- A powerful RestAPI
- Javascript support (code mirrow)
- javascript extensions (upload custom javascript libraries in forms)
- Variables support (Variables are at the process level and are global. They can then be used in forms after they are created.)
- import/export dynaform in JSON format
- Support to upload files in forms and grids (file field)
- Add preview of forms in different platforms (desktop, tablet, phone)
- Responsive forms (build once run on: desktop, tablet, phone)
- New field container
- New UI/UX
- DynaForms Multilanguage support
- Extensive Dynaforms with panels.


- Improve datepicker control.
- Improvements in Security.

Bug fixes:
* PM-1364 - The new designer does not validate the original size of PM Tables fields.
* PM-1425 - It allows to create tasks and sub-process with the same name.
* PM-1480 - Designer > Task Steps: There is no action when using the down arrow in a Dynaform - It is possible to access to the log files and other files located in the workflow/public_hmtl folder.
* PM-1692 - When filing case notes the note is misplaced. (Mantis code 16880)
* PM-1796 - When a dynaform has multiple columns, the format of each variable or control are being distorted.
* PM-1874 - Refresh token duration is too short.
* PM-1879 - Information of templates lost. (Mantis code 1608)
* PM-1944 - Current User shows as UNASSIGNED when it is routed to a sub-process. (Mantis code 15574)
* PM-1946 - ProcessMaker loses connection with database. (Mantis code 17048)
* PM-2194 - Variable creator in BPMN Designer should not allow variables which start with number, but should allow underscores "_". (Mantis code 17076)
* PM-2106 - When executing the database upgrade, it always shows that one table was altered/modified.
* PM-2124 - Change text in the first page of Manual Installer wizard. (Mantis code 16918)
* PM-2137 - Date fields now store their values in format which isn't compatible with databases. (Mantis code 17107)
* PM-2162 - Dynaforms: The format field o f the Datetime control cannot be set again as default.
* PM-2166 - Designer -> In the list of processes change New menu option from a drop-down to a button.
* PM-2209 - Admin>Settings>Login: After enabling the forgot password option, this option is not visible if entering with a different browser.
* PM-2030 - Step 2 Installer: The body of the text license is not justify with the right margin.
* PM-2031 - Step 3 Installer: Incorrect validation over the folders where ProcessMaker will be installed.
* PM-2089 - Accessing Report Tables on the Designer over https. (Mantis code 16722)
* PM-2144 - ProcessMaker error messages should distinguish between "unauthorized" and login session expired. (Mantis code 17119)
* PM-2167 - Designer -> Add waiting/loading icon/gif when the process is being created or loaded.
* PM-2172 - When changing the order of the Routing Rules, the process design changes.
* PM-2188 - "REDO action" does not have functionality when creating objects (Activity, Event, Gateway, Artifact, etc)
* PM-2194 - Takes too long for the process map to load - need loading icon. (Mantis code 17141)
* PM-2206 - Login> The forgot password field is not too large enough to show the email.
* PM-2235 - Input Documents: The “Allowed file extensions” field does not have the correct syntaxis required in the required field.
* PM-2237 - Output Documents -> Create. If the "Output Document to Generate" field has “Doc” type, the "Open Password,Owner Password" fields are enabled.
* PM-2238 - ProcessFileManager: There isn’t a validation of an existing template if uploading one with an existing name.
* PM-2242 - Output Documents -> Create. The "PDF security" field is enabled even though the default value is .doc.
* PM-2253 - When creating a Custom Drill Down dashlet, the following error appears: "Your Query is not valid".
* PM-2254 - The Custom Cases List label is displayed only as Cases Lists.
* PM-2263 - A process design is unconfigured if moving all its elements to a pool.
* PM-2270 - Triggers > Predefined Function: It does not show the icons in the predefined functions.
* PM-2278 - Designer BPMN: The Full Size label does not change when using full screen.
* PM-2316 - Users: When creating groups and/or department with blank space it does not validate it as a required field.
* PM-2321 - New BPMN> When opening a BPMN process the SAVE button remains in a green color.
* PM-2338 - PmTables: Error creating pmtables, this message is displayed: "Something was wrong". This if using the SSL protocol and FireFox.
* PM-2339 - Create ReportTable: Error creating report tables with the SSL protocol.
* PM-2344 - REST endpoint DELETE /cases/{app_uid} doesn't check if the user has the PM_DELETECASE permission in his role. (Mantis code 17193)
* PM-2346 - BPMN Designer: The main page of the designer has blank spaces in the bottom side of the designer, this do not allow the correct visualization of the designer components.
* PM-2353 - Message Type: When saving a Message type it displays an error message.
* PM-2355 - When modifying an Intermediate message event, it displays an error message.
* PM-2360 - BPMN Designer: Standardize typographies in all buttons and change the format to 'Capitalize each word'
* PM-2361 - Implement a way to delete the expired access_token.
* PM-2365 - Designer BPMN: Cancel button in the alerts are not necessary.
* PM-2366 - Variables > Edit: It is not possible to edit a variable name with the same characteristics.
* PM-2367 - BPMN Designer: Standardize typographies in the table headers and chante to format to “'Capitalize each word”.
* PM-2371 - Login: When pressing the enter key, the form is not submitted if the cursor is in the workspace field.
* PM-2373 - Login: The background image, labels and palceholders does not display if using Internet Explorer.
* PM-2376 - New Feature: We need the ability to modify the Subject. (Mantis code 17133)
* PM-2387 - Import: If using Internet Explorer, when importing a process that contains unsupported elements, it opens in the same designer.
* PM-2381 - It shows the warning message: Wrong login credentials randomly.
* PM-2387 - Login: After the installation, The Get Started window appears with paragraphs in different sizes and styles.
* PM-2388 - New BPMN: If using Internet Explorer, the X button to close the process appears underlined.
* PM-2389 - Message Type: It is not possible to order the Message Name field.
* PM-2390 - Login: After the installation, it shows a window with a header without styles.
* PM-2391 - Designer BPMN: It is not possible to drag and drop from certain areas the menu elements.
* PM-2392 - Process File Manager: The space to design a template is short.
* PM-2393 - Calendar > New: Name field shows in red when creating a new calendar.
* PM-2394 - It shows a warning php" in the "web entry" when the DynaForm is empty
* PM-2395 - Files Manager: The dropdown fields in the HTML editor remain open and active in the designer.
* PM-2398 - Home>Cases List : The cases counter shows incorrect numbers.
* PM-2404 - Error message when creating a flow message between an End message and a Start message event.
* PM-2406 - Incomplete text in the DynaForm grid.
* PM-2407 - Variables: If the 'Define accepted variable values' fields are empty in the form and variable edition, tooltips shows misaligned.
* PM-2408 - ProcessFileManager: The Process File Manager search does not work.
* PM-2412 -Admin>Settings>Users: If using Internet Explorer, the SAVE button does not display.
* PM-2423 - Home: Error in the INBOX when executing the messageeventcron.php, the cases counter displays with negative numbers.
* PM-2425 - Variables: Alert Message contains an incomplete message.
* PM-2429 - Message Types: Alert Message contains an incomplete message.
* PM-2424 - WebEntry: The case is not routed to the next task if the case is started from a Web Entry.
* PM-2427 - When changing the variable name, it does not change the ID of the dynaform control.
* PM-2428 - Variables: Placeholders has the same text used in the labels.
* PM-2432 - DataBaseConnection: If using Internet Explorer the validation to the server is failing.
* PM-2433 - Admin>Settings>Email Servers: In Windows Server 2012 displays a message indicating that there is a missing table when configuring an email.
* PM-2435 - New feature request for a web method that attaches documents. (Mantis code 17206)
* PM-2436 - WebEntry: The webentry configuration does not work with sup-process included in the design
* PM-2437 - It is not possible to create a Web Entry. (Mantis code 17240)
* PM-2439 - Problems with the span column in DynaForms. (Mantis code 17242)
* PM-2441 - Dynaform: Cancel button does not work when creating a DynaForm if using Chrome.
* PM-2442 - Designer BPMN: The group element loses all its functionality if this is placed inside a pool or a lane.
* PM-2448 - Dynaform: Required fields in grids are not validated.
* PM-2449 - Dynaform: Grid fields does not have identificator when they are required.
* PM-2450 - Variables: String variables does not support Datetime controls.
* PM-2453 - Dynaform: Required field “FILE” in grids does not change to red color when routing to next task.
* PM-2455 - Variables: The label field is not in the DynaForms anymore.

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of features, known issues and bugs-fixes.

* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* English (Default Core)

ProcessMaker 3.0 GA version is available for Linux and Windows platforms. Download them from this site.


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0 and its new features please see our latest documentation:

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0 please go to this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select "ProcessMaker v3.0 GA" in Product version.

How to contribute?

* If you are willing to help translate this version into your native language just tell us by sending an email to communityATprocessmakerDOTcom.

Don't forget that any contribution you provide us will be mentioned in our Wiki, Social Media and Forum!

Enjoy it!

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