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Dear Community,

From this November, we are working on some changes, not only in our Wiki and Documentation but also in our Forum. With those changes we want to spread the work and effort our Community has been doing with the contributions we've received during this year.

One of the most important changes, maybe you've already seen it, is the "Community Contribution" section included in our wiki, this new section is divided in Language, Media, Documentation, and Code each of them will have its own list where all contributions sent by the community will mention. Definitely, we want to emphasize your work, that's why every contribution will have the contributor name; in case of the documentation, the name of blog where the tutorial/guide was published.

Something worth mentioning, the new Community Contribution Section added on our Forum, this place will work as a repository where all contributions will be received and distributed. This is also divided in Translation, Documentation, Code and Media sections. So, feel free to include your contributions on the corresponding section and also you can ask questions about provided contributions. If contributions are sent by a different way, we will publish it in the respective section in the forum.

Last but not least, I'm happy to announce that now we have the traditional Chinese language updated based on 2.5.1 version. thanks to Tifa Choi for this great contribution!

What's coming ...

* Thanks to Ethan Presberg, we have now a guide to install ProcessMaker in cpanel, this guide will be available in the experimental section in our wiki. In addition a Slackware installation in ProcessMaker will also be added in the same section.

* A new and fresh look is coming for the wiki,

* Finally, and something we know everyone is looking forward to read is our Starting guide, now we are working on this and it will publish soon!.

With those great news we think we are ready to give the community even more resources to work with ProcessMaker.

We are looking forward to hear your comments about this!
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