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The processmaker development team has been working on a new BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) editor which will allow processes to be designed according to the BPMN standard. Unlike the original BPMN editor in version 2.0.0, this editor is substantially better and the interface has been entirely reworked. The new BPMN Editor allows for much more flexible and power process designs, which conform to a standard, so processes can easily be imported from and exported to other BPM software.

At this point, the new BPMN editor is still using the old process engine, so not all BPMN elements are supported. The new BPMN engine which is currently under development will support executing BPMN process designs.

Please try out the new BPMN editor in our latest development release, which is available for download at the following locations: ... z/download

Of course, this is "beta" software, so do NOT use it in production. If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions to improve the BPMN editor, please file a report about it at

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