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Good morning community,

Colosa inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProcessMaker's newest stable version: 2.0.29; which comes with some exciting new features thanks in great part from community feedback. We also improved several existing features and fixed several bugs.

Fixed 65 bugs in total, the most important ones:
    [*]Fixed issues related with Dependant Fields. [*]Import Process with Report Tables. [*]Import Process with non defined Subprocess.
We improved:
    [*]Dropdown fields: Save Label is always active (No param. required). [*]Output Documents: Delete improvements. [*]Advanced Search: Process List filter improved for long names. [*]Dynaform editor: Improved toolbar icons (Better icons and resolution). [*]Dynaform editor: Dynaform preview mode improved and cleaned. [*]Database connections: Chinese characters correctly recovered from external Database. [*]Events: Now can use Initial tasks.
New features:
    [*]Dependant field with Suggest field. [*]Forgot Password
Known Issues:
    [*]Language files different from English and Spanish should be updated [*]Chrome, Firefox 4 and IE9 present some issues non tested yet. [*]Due date calc is failing in some cases mainly in a Windows environment. [*]Task notification Subject is not being exported with the Process [*]Process that started from scratch in a language different from English can't start a case. [*]Workaround: open the process in English once.
Here's the link to the complete changelog: ... t/download

And as always, you can download the newest stable release from ProcessMaker's SourceForge project site here: ... .0/2.0.29/

So, start downloading and don't forget to post any issues, questions and new feature requests you may have, here on the forums and on ProcessMaker's bug tracking system at

Your feedback is valuable for us here at Colosa.
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