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By ArturoRobles
Colosa Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProcessMaker version 2.0.23.

The new release includes several bug fixes and some new features thanks to the feedback received from you: the ProcessMaker Community.

The summary of fixes, improvements, and features is as follows.

What was fixed
    1. Issues with grids 2. Dependent Fields 3. Masks (Currency and others) 4. Using Grids inside output documents 5. View mode 6. Data lost between steps in certain scenarios 7. Generate output document from Trigger
What has been improved
    1. Email setup: now you can configure secure connections (Gmail) 2. Users list: many improvements based on community suggestions 3. UI Layout: improved layout for almost all interfaces 4. JS validation in Dynaforms
New Features
    1. Custom notifications: Subject can be defined using case variables 2. Notification type: plain/html
The new release is available for download since late yesterday from ProcessMaker's SourceForge project site at: ... Maker/2.0/


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