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We have discovered a critical bug that you should be aware of
before installing or upgrading to version 1.6-4184. If you installed
ProcessMaker 1.6-4184 and are experiencing problems, please follow
the instructions below to remove the "heartbeat" function.

Note that we will be releasing a new version of ProcessMaker
on Tuesday Sept 14 which disables the heartbeat function which is
causing these problems.

==========*** Release Notes for ProcessMaker 1.6-4184 ***===========

Version 1.6-4184 has problems installing on machines which do not have access to
the Internet or use a proxy to access the internet. Warning will appear about
not being to set up a curl session. If your machine does not have internet
or uses a proxy, it is not recommended to use version 1.6-4184.

The problem is due to the new "heartbeat" function which is designed to send
anonymous statistics to the ProcessMaker developers about how ProcessMaker is
being used (such as the number of workspaces, processes and users). The primary
purpose of this reporting is to help the ProcessMaker developers gauge how their
product is being used and how to improve it.

If you do not want this information to be sent to the ProcessMaker developers or
you need to use ProcessMaker on a machine that does not have an internet
connection or uses a proxy, then follow these instructions to disable the

Note that future version of ProcessMaker will either have the "heartbeat"
disabled by default or an option under the ADMIN menu to disable it.

***Disabling the heartbeat***
Open the file "workflow/engine/classes/class.serverConfiguration.php" with a
plain text editor (such as Notepad, Notepad++, vim, nano or gedit).
In Windows systems it generally can be found at:
C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\apps\processmaker\htdocs\workflow\engine\classes\
In Linux/UNIX systems it can generally be found at:

Go to line 391 where the postHeartBeat() function is defined and remove all the
contents of the function.

Change the code from:
Code: Select all
  391   function postHeartBeat() {
  392       $this->index = intval ( $this->index ) + 1;
  393       $heartBeatUrl = '';
  ...       ...
  454       $this->saveSingleton ();
  456   }
Code: Select all
  391   function postHeartBeat() {
  392   }
The next time ProcessMaker is accessed, the heartbeat function should be
disabled and ProcessMaker will be able to function without internet access.

***Upgrading to version 1.6-4184***

If upgrading ProcessMaker from a version before 1.2-3250, then the upgrading
system will have to be patched, to allow for later upgrades. To patch the
upgrade system, download the pmos-patch-3250-3250.tar.gz patch file, which is
available at: ... /Releases/
Release 1.6-4184/pmos-patch-3250-3250.tar.gz/download

Then login to ProcessMaker as the "admin" user and go to ADMIN > UPGRADE SYSTEM.
Click on "Browse" to find the file pmos-patch-3250-3250.tar.gz which you
downloaded. Then click on "Upgrade". Now ProcessMaker should be able to upgrade
to versions after 1.2-3250.

After applying upgrade patches, it is a good idea to refresh the cache on your
web browser. Open your web browser and press CTRL + F5 to refresh its cache.

For example, if upgrading from version 1.2-2985 to version 1.6-4184, then apply
first the "pmos-patch-3250-3250.tar.gz" patch and then apply the
"pmos-patch-2985-4184.tar.gz" patch.

Note: The pmos-patch-2985-4184.tar.gz patch is 2.4MB. By default, PHP is
configured to only allow file uploads which are 2MB or smaller. In order to
apply the "pmos-patch-2985-4184.tar.gz" patch, you will first have to change
the settings in your "php.ini" file to allow for larger file uploads.

With a plain text editor, open the "php.ini" file, which is usually located at:
In Windows with the automatic ProcessMaker Installer:
c:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\php\php.ini
In Windows with a manual install of PHP:
C:\Program Files\PHP\php.ini
Red Hat/CentOS:

In the php.ini file, increase the maximum uploaded file size to 4MB:
post_max_size = 4M
upload_max_filesize = 4M

Then restart Apache for the new PHP settings to take effect.
Open a DOS window and issue the command:
NET ProcessMakerApache restart
If Apache was manually installed, then use the command:
NET Apache2.2 restart
Red Hat/CentOS:
service httpd restart
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Now you should be able to apply patches larger than 2MB without any problems.

***WARNING about version 1.2-3306 for Windows***

If running ProcessMaker on a Windows Server, do NOT apply any patch that takes
you to version 1.2-3306, since it introduces a symlink() function which won't
run in Windows. So do NOT apply any patch with the name
"pmos-patch-XXXX-3306.tar.gz" (such as "pmos-patch-2552-3306.tar.gz").
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