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Amy wrote:
-grids with operations by column and by row

Where they are the alterations in grids? I installed release 1.1-1984 for windows, to put grids continue the same ones…
Necessary to make plus some thing?


Thanks for reply!
I am with problems with the library, exactly in my server I do not obtain to file (download), sees the error that this occurring with link above:

Unable to execute INSERT statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Column 'USR_GEOIP_CITY' cannot be null] [User Info: INSERT INTO USERS_DOWNLOADS (OBJ_UID,UID_USER,USR_IP,OBJ_DATE,USR_GEOIP_COUNTRY,USR_GEOIP_REGION,USR_GEOIP_CITY,USR_GEOIP_LATITUDE,USR_GEOIP_LONGITUD) VALUES ('32164371748f8a6d6828662083902427','00000000000000000000000000000001','','2008-10-18 07:31:53','Brazil','Brazil',NULL,'-10','-55')]]

Possibly, geoip does not bring some cities, as it is the case of where I am (São Paulo/Brazil) and the null not accepted table, please, see the image (atach).
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