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I know that many of you having been waiting for the next version of ProcessMaker for many months and have been wondering why we haven't released a new version yet. I just wanted to assure you that the development of ProcessMaker has continued apace. Generally we release a new version of ProcessMaker every 3-5 weeks, but the upcoming version has so many new features that they have taken over 5 months to develop. The next version of ProcessMaker Community Edition will have a number of exciting new features, including:
  • Reorganized Cases Tab
    • Wizard for Creating Triggers
      • Reports To/Departments
        • Printing Dynaforms
          • Easy Logo Replacement
            • Cases Self Service
              • Friendly PM Tables
                • Suggested Options for Dynaforms fields
                  • Scheduler to Start Cases
                    • Improved Conditional Alerts
                      [*]Backup & Restore console options

                      In addition, we will be releasing a new ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition, which is based on the ProcessMaker core, but includes a number of new features, which will be announced when we are closer to launch.
                      Version 1.6-4184 which was released last week has all the new features on the list (although they aren't all documented on our wiki yet). "Friendly PM Tables" is not what its name implies. It means the ability to create new DynaForms based upon the fields in a PM Table.

                      Enjoy the new features. As always, we ask that you help us improve ProcessMaker by reporting any bugs which you might find.
                      Neil, the developers are currently working on being able to use SQL Server as a backend. It won't be ready by the end of the 3rd quarter as shown on the road map, it will be ready sometime in the 4th quarter of this year. To get that functionality, however, you will have to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition of ProcessMaker.
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