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By mpgr

A nice feature would be "Wizard" mode ...

Currently navigating through process steps are highly interactive.
If this behaviour is extended to tasks then one could create "Wizard" type applications.

I see that the development team is currently working on a "self service" task assignment rule. I expected this to be the default assignment behaviour.
The logged on user accepts a task from the work queue and the task becomes unavailable to other users. If the user decides not to work on the task the user rejects the task and it is placed back in the work queue for other users to process. This is an efficient model that increases productivity when used with groups.

Process/workflow is a pet hobby of mine. I have been following what the Wfmc has to say on this subject. I have also been evaluating some commercial products. I have even written a light weight process engine based on the XPDL output from the free Bizagi process designer.

I am extremely impressed by ProcessMaker. You have definitely achieved the design goal of making workflow/process modelling simple. Simplicity is the key if business is going to adopt workflow/process automation. I have found most commercial products far too complex. I installed the app on Windows and was up and running immediately without any glitches !!!

I look forward to features like exporting/importing the process to/in XPDL format and process versioning.

Keep up the good work !


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South Africa
By mpgr

I see it has been referred to as "Fast Derivation Option".

When will we see it ?


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By amosbatto
Hi Malcolm,

The developers tend to not read this forum. The best way to get developers to pay attention is to file a bug report under the category "Y. New Feature Request" at

I like your suggestion about "Wizards". Please file a bug report about it and explain it in detail so the developers will notice it.


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