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Several customers have asked for a number of advanced features to be included in ProcessMaker. In order to better serve our clients, the ProcessMaker development team is currently working on the following features:

1. Self Service
The ability for users to select cases to work on, rather than those cases being automatically assigned to a user.

2. Advanced LDAP integration
The ability to use LDAP directly, rather than importing LDAP users, so the list of ProcessMaker users will always match the list of LDAP users.

3. Advanced integration with KnowledgeTree
Permit the configuration of KnowledgeTree's metadata and set the path where documents are stored.

4. Integration with Pentaho
The ability to use Pentaho's advanced reporting, analysis, dashboards and data mining on cases from ProcessMaker.

At this point, these features are scheduled to be ready for the end of the first quarter of 2010, but the schedule may change depending on the rate of development and debugging. It hasn't yet been decided how to offer these new features, but they will probably be made available as proprietary plugins to be offered in addition to the standard open source version of ProcessMaker.

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