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A sign of how ProcessMaker is becoming a truly global product is the number of people using it in Asia. ProcessMaker has partners in both Malaysia and India and more people hailing from Asia are posting in ProcessMaker’s forum. To better serve the growing number of Chinese who need a Business Process Management application, ProcessMaker is now available in Traditional Chinese. People in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the rest of the Chinese diaspora worldwide can now enjoy using ProcessMaker in their mother tongue.


ProcessMaker would like to send a big thank-you to Nelson Fu from Taiwan, who translated ProcessMaker into Traditional Chinese. Nelson not only volunteered to translate ProcessMaker for the first time in a non-Western language, but he also hunted down a bug in the translation file so it would run in Chinese. His valiant efforts are a prime example of what makes free and open source software function so well. ProcessMaker is available in 10 different tongues due to the burgeoning community of users who maintain the growing number of translations.

To try out ProcessMaker in 華語, visit our Translations wiki page to download the new Chinese translation file and import it.
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