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ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2838. This version fixes a number of critical bugs, especially in the handling of process permissions and dates, the validation of DynaForm fields, and the importation of CSV files.

In addition, ProcessMaker offers a number of new features. Email templates can now be created and renamed inside in the Process File Manager, rather than having to create them with an external application and upload them. A PM Function has been added to move a case to any step in a task. A new permission has been added which allows production users to change their password, without obtaining access to other more sensitive information. PM Tables can now be exported and then later re-imported, preserving both their schema and their data. For project managers who need to keep track of how the data in a case has changed over the course of a case, a new history feature has been added, which keeps track of all the different values input for a particular field during a case.

To download the full installer or upgrade to ProcessMaker v.1.2-2838, visit:

Change Log for ProcessMaker v. 1.2-2883


1.- Bug:3919 Request for the ability to create new email template and rename existing files in the Process File Manager -

2.- Bug:3535 Ability to define a custom skin with a plugin -

3.- Bug:3959 PM Trigger Function to go to any step of the task -

4.- Bug:3707 Change password but not other user information -
A new permission has been added to control which users can modify only their password or other personal information.

5.- Bug:3500 Highlight the current row in a grid

6.- Add history to forms –
A history of the values in form fields has been added in order to se how the values have changed during a case over the course of a process. This History can be seen while runing a case by going to CASES > INFORMATION. In the sidebar which appears look in “Case History”. The history is also available to users who have permission to see a DynaForm.

7.- Exportation of PM Tables
Two new links have been added to the list of PM Tables:
“Import” and “Export”
“Export” opens a popup window where the user can select one or more tables to export. Select whether to export only the table schema, the table data, or both. The table will be exported with the filename <TABLE-NAME>.pmt

Click on “Import” to select a .pmt file to import. To replace the table if it already exists, select the checkbox "Overwrite if exists". If the table already exists and this checkbox isn't selected, a number will be added to the end of the table name. For example if the table “Clients” already exists, then subsequent tables will be named “Clients1”, “Clients2”, etc.

8.- Bug 4085: Fixed

**********FIXED BUGS********

1.- Bug:3990 Errors when searching in UMSA's development server ... aseBugList

2.- Bug:3991 Results are not returned after a search

3.- Bug:3994 Field of editable date type generates invalid characters

4.- Bug:3962 Add a text to the log in screen of PMOS -

5.- Bug:3963 Change the following messages for web services functions -

6.- Notice: Cases, reassign To , If cases/users don't exist, when clicking on “Reassign”

7.- Bug:3932 Propel error when importing a CSV file in a PM Table when duplicate primary key longer than allowed -

8.- Bug:3933 CVS import into PM Tables doesn't respect double quotes, line breaks or commas--Not following the CVS specification -

9.- Bug:3936 Checkgroups, radiogroups and listboxes which don't have a selected option don't produce a case variable -

10.- Bug:3891 Timeout error when upgrading ProcessMaker and adding languages. -

11.- Bug:3893 Javascript code is lost when creating first JavaScript object in a DynaForm -

12.- Bug:3896 Textboxes in DynaForms with the Validate option of AlfaNum does not accept the entry of numbers -

13.- Bug:3897 Change the options for the Validate dropdown in textboxes to complete words -

14.- Bug:3760 Track cases you initiated view cases by group -

15.- Bug:3776 onclick('New') in a grid.

16.- Bug:3755 Knowledgetree Plugin: Upload also the .doc version of document -

17.- Bug:3757 Uploaded Documents and Generated Documents shows the same list

18.- Bug:3741 ProcessMaker-1.2-2524 -

19.- Bug:3693 Web entry not showing “Add” link in Spanish -

20.- Bug:3650 Unable to enter dates greater than 20 years in the future/past in PM Tables -

21.- output document as .doc always exists -

22.- Bug:3562 Existing Process Permissions cannot be edited -

23.- Bug:3547 Can't assign user permission for task -

24.- Bug:3163 Case Owner -

25.- Role permissions for users not working -

26.- Bug:3969 Patch 2552-2740 causes errors in the APP_DELEGATION table -

27.- Bug:3947 Users can send tasks to more than 1 person at a time with selection derivation. That should be prevented. -

28.- Bug:3914 Problems in new database connections-

29.- Bug:3892 Process Exportation crash if the process name includes /, , :, ?, *, |, <, > - For Windows -

30.- Bug:3788 4 toolbar icons in the Output Document WYSWYG editor don't work: Cut, Copy, Paste, Hyperlink -

31.- Bug:3678 Unable to edit the case in “To Revise” -

32.- Bug:3672 grid bug -

33.- Bug:3541 Deleted dynaform with process permissions -

34.- Bug:3989 web service method to download a process from Library -

35.- Bug 4057 – Trigger Debugger appears without being selected-

36.- Bug 4054 – Dates change from 0000 to 1999 -

37.- Bug 4039 – Submit button message -

38.- Bug 4063 – Related to new Feature 7: Exportation of PM Tables

39.- Bug 4064 - Date Picker's problems(v. 2818) -

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