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ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2740. This version offers a new feature called "events" which allows an action to be executed according to a specific timing in the process. Events execute relative to the time when a task or a series of consecutive tasks begins or ends. An event can be used to send out an email to keep everyone in your organization apprised of upcoming tasks and let them know when their tasks have passed their deadlines. Similarly, they can be used to execute a trigger which customizes your organization's responses at various times in their workflow. For more information, see: ... ons#Events

In addition to events, the latest release of ProcessMaker offers an update of web services, fixing a number of bugs and offering more details in the return objects for web services. Plus, there are two new web services functions, triggerList() and systemInformation(), to list the available triggers and obtain information about the ProcessMaker installation, respectively.

The login screen for ProcessMaker has been updated to allow the user to select the language and workspace from dropdown boxes and see the system information. Additionally, the "Fields List" handler has been redone for a more graphical experience when editing DynaForms. More importantly, nearly 50 bugs have been fixed, making ProcessMaker a more reliable BPM and workflow management application for your organization.

To download the full installer or upgrade to ProcessMaker v.1.2-2740, visit:


Changelog ( 24-09-09 ) for ProcessMaker v.1.2-2740

********** New Characteristics and functionalities **********

1.- Bug:3267 Reduce PHP configuration -
Now the options asp_tags, short_open_tag, and register_globals do not have to be set in the PHP configuration file.

2.- Bug:3536 Importar en lote usuarios de una conexión LDAP -

Now possible to import all the users from an LDAP connection in a batch by clicking a checkbox to select all and then import.

3.- Bug:3629 Highlighting where we are in lists -

In all lists, the color changes to a darker shade of blue to indicate where the mouse pointer is in the list.

4.- Bug:3655 Hidden fields in Grids -

Hidden fields and textareas can now be used in grid forms.

5.- Dynaform field order -

6.- Add a web services function to list triggers and their IDs -

The triggerList() function is now available to be used.

51.- Request for web services function getSystemInfo() -

The systemInformation() function is now available to be used.

7.- Al editar la definición de un PM Table o ver los datos de la misma no se muestra el nombre de la tabla -

Show the name of a PM Table at the top of the screen when editing its structure

8.- Bug:3744 Resend Message -

9.- Bug:3750 Phrases which have no translation should default to English phrase rather than the phrase ID - NOTA.- Con las etiquetas que se tiene con la function G::LoadTranlation funciona bien, pero que pasa con los xmlforms, que slo tienen el nodo del idioma inglés?

10.- Add the "Language" dropdown box and "System Information" link to login screen when the workspace isn't specified -


11.- Bug:3764 Delete completed cases -

12.- Bug:3770 Add warning when saving DynaForm that it needs to include a submit button -

13.- Add case name to the return object for the web services function getCaseInfo() -

The web services function getCaseInfo() now returns much greater information about the case. See: ... nformation

14.- Bug:3774 Include username in search when searching for users -

Now the username is included in the search when searching for users.
See: ... sers#Users

15.- Save the last selected language when logging in. At the next login, the last selected language will automatically be selected by default.

16.- Events.-
Most actions in a process are executed in response to the user, but sometimes an action needs to be executed according to a specific timing in the process. In ProcessMaker, '''''events''''' are actions which execute relative to the time when a task or a series of consecutive tasks begins or ends. Currently events can execute either the action of sending a message or executing a trigger (but future releases may offer addition options).

For more info about events, see: ... ons#Events

********** BUGS FIXED **********

1.- Request to Disable Short Open Tags In Future Releases -

Changed the short PHP tags “<? … ?>” to long PHP tags “<?php … ?>to ensure greater compatibility and prevent problems when the PHP configuration file has turned off short tags.

2.- Bug:3429 Date Field - Default value??? -

When a DynaForm's date field does not have a “defaultvalue” property, today's date will be inserted by default. Also a default mask has been added to the date field.

3.- Bug:3493 Output document grid problem -

Fixed problem where grid information in an output document is repeated because the session and case information was not updated.

4.- Bug:3507 Error when a dynaform is created -

Fixed problem of blank dynaForm window appearing if ENTER key is pressed when creating a new form.

5.- Bug:3537 Cannot assign user to group -

Can't assign user to group in Internet Explorer 7.

6.- Problem with accented words inside calendars -

7.- Bug:3549 Internet Explorer 7 javascript error when opening derivation rules for evaluation from process map -

8.- Bug:3555 default time zone -

Default time zone changed to Eastern Standard Time (which is New York/USA time).

9.- Bug:3558 Assigning members to groups not possible in group mask -

10.- Bug:3569 Message when using derivateCase function from a plugin -

11.- Bug:3581 Process Permissions – Edit -

12.- Bug:3628 Deleting an User with pendings -

13.- Bug:3653 Clicking column headers in PM Tables causes error -

14.- Bug:3656 In a Grid, the link isn't correctly indexed -

15.- Bug:3692 Web entry forms not showing calendar image for calendar control -

16.- Bug:3697 When I use Knowledge Tree, the tracker can´t show the input and output documents -

17.- Bug:3703 Error while trying to create new user -

18.- Bug:3708 Double Delegation -

19.- PM Function for go to any step of the task -

20.- Bug:3714 Ampersands break Task titles -

21.- Bug:3715 Double Delegation - Cont. -

Clicking twice on the continue button to derive a case to the next task creates two entries in the APP_DELEGATION table.

22.- web services function getVariables() returns a NULL object -

23.- web services function getCaseInfo() returns different object when error -

24.- Bug:3720 Unable to have disabled and editable fields on same form in version 1.2-2467 -

25.- Bug:3721 Receiving error page when form submitted and form contains required fields that were disabled with removeRequiredById -

26.- web services function derivateCase() returns wrong object type -

27.- Bug:3725 Unclear error message when logging in with a skin which doesn't exist -


29.- Bug:3731 ProcessMaker-1.2-2513-

Now verifies that the passwords entered are identical before changing the password.

30.- Bug:3732 CC and BCC emails are not sent with PMFSendMessag -

31.- Bug:3733 ProcessMaker 1.2-2513 -

Only files in the “mailTemplates” directory will be edited with the HTML WYSIWYG editor, but not the uploaded files in the “public” directory.

32.- El listado de procesos en los que un usuario puede iniciar casos no esta ordenado por ning -

33.- Bug:3736 ProcessMaker-1.2-2524 -

Problem using text as a primary key in PM Tables.

34.- Bug:3738 PMTABLES CSV -

35.- Bug:3742 Show/Hide Required field still validated for Drop downs -

36.- Bug:3748 Only text and drop downs used in javascript. -

37.- los templates de grids tienen las etiquetas en ingles, -

Internationalized Grid interface so it can be used in languages other than English

38.- Change text "rol" to "role" -

39.- Bug:3767 When upgrade System with many environments, the users permissions not updated in all them -

40.- Plugin KT - 1.12 en version 1.2-2550 -

41.- Bug:3771 Change all text from Derivation Rule to Routing Rule -

42.- please change text in PM Tables -

43.- Change text "After derivation notify to each next user" -

44.- Bug:3796 Update Patches don't update all the workspaces. -

45.- Change "adhoc" to "ad hoc" (two words) -

46.- Change text "you must select a user at least" -

47.- Bug:3808 Set autofocus when login page is loaded -

48.- Bug:3821 Confirmation using removeRequiredById function -

49.- Bug:3822 Editor for emails templates doesn't appear in IE 8 -

50.- Error when testing the newCase() web services function inside ProcessMaker (but works in script) -
Hola que tal a todos, he estado probando la nueva versión de ProcessMaker desde el momento en el que la liberaron, había un punto que no había intentado a hacer debido a que no lo requería por el momento: Edición de DYNAFORMS, cuando creo un dynaform, y lo quiero editar, simplemente no lo abre, solo me aparece una lista vacía, y cuando doy clic en cualesquier otro submenú de PROCESOS, me sale el error que se encuenta en la parte de abajo de la imagen que adjunto,...

que problema estaré teniendo???
es importante mencionar que tengo la nueva versión de PM, desde una instalación desde cero, es decir, no actualice el sistema, instalé desde cero la versión....

Desde ya, gracias por dedicar su tiempo en la lectura de mi post!!
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