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By amosbatto
ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2552.

With this new version ProcessMaker offers a number of exciting new options for PM Tables—a new type of custom tables created inside ProcessMaker. Data in PM Tables can be imported from CVS files and all changes to data can be logged (allowing for data changes to be undone in future versions of ProcessMaker). The structure of PM Tables can be reordered without data loss. To facilitate rapid searching, the data in PM Tables can be reordered in ascending and descending order by clicking on arrows in the column headers. Finally, the data from PM Tables can now be accessed inside DynaForms with a few XML keywords.


These changes allow ProcessMaker users to quickly create custom tables for data used in DynaForms, email notifications and output documents. In the past, these sorts of tables needed to be created in an external database—requiring the user to laboriously configure ProcessMaker to connect to the external database. Now this data can be created and accessed without ever leaving ProcessMaker.

In addition, ProcessMaker has added a user-friendly WYSWYG editor for creating and altering e-mail templates in HTML format. With the addition of some JasperReports classes, ProcessMaker will allow its users to create more refined and polished output documents. Documents in non-Western languages such as Hebrew and Chinese can now be exported in PDF format (with the separate installation of international font files).

To download the latest version for Windows or Linux/UNIX, or to upgrade your version using a patch, visit:
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By amosbatto
In an effort to keep people alerted to the progress in ProcessMaker, we have decided to begin posting the ProcessMaker Change Logs with each new release. This should help people find out whether their bugs were fixed and keep up to date with the new features in each new version. I will be updating the wiki tomorrow on the new features.

Amos Batto
ProcessMaker Community Lead

Change Log for PMOS version 1.2-2552

****New Functionality****

1.- Deadline alerts to the operator and supervisor for overdue assignments -

The alerts which PM currently possesses sends to the owners of cases as well as the supervisors of the processes. To configure the cron which sends the alerts see the the following blog entry:

2.- Bug:3176 Output-documents -

Now that PM is integrated with JasperReports, it is possible to ouput more refined and polished documents, but this requires that the JasperReports' classes PHP-Java Bridge and iReport be installed to allow for editing the jrxml files.
3.- Bug:3580 Assigning many users to a Group -

Now it is possible to assign various users to a group even if they are found in different pages of the list of available users.

4.- Bug:3643 Preventing the primary key from being deleted in an existing PM Table -

When editing a PM Table, now ProcessMaker validates that at least one field with a primary key exists in the table.

5.- Bug:3646 Request for the ability to reorder fields in PM tables -

Now it is possible to reorder the fields in a PM Table. When editing the table structure, there are now two links to raise or lower the field in the list of fields. The only exception is the field(s) containing primary keys must remain the first fields in the PM Table.

6.- Bug:3661 CSV import to tables -

It is now possible to import data into PM Tables from a CSV (comma separated values) file. The CVS file should list the field values in the same order as they appear in the PM Table, so the first comma separated value with go into the first field, the second in the second field, and so on. The first line of text in the CSV file will be ignored, because it is assumed to contain the column headers (field titles). If multiple rows contain the same primary keys, only the first row will be inserted and all additional rows with the same primary key will be ignored.

7.- Ability to use labels in dynaform drop down instead of values -

A PM function has been created to obtain the labels for the options appearing in drop-down boxes in DynaForms.




$PROCESS: the UID of the process
$DYNAFORM: the UID of the DynaForm
$FIELD_NAME: the field name corresponding to the dropdown box in the DynaForm.
$FIELD_VALUE: the value of the option in the dropdown box for which the label will be returned.

8.- Bug:3667 WYSIWYG Editor -

Now the email templates which are uploaded to the system can be edited with a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor using HTML formats.

9.- Bug:3668 Trigger Editor Improvements -

When displaying the list of available variables to be inserted, now the label for that field is shown, making it easier to find the desired variable.

10.- Bug:3669 Add Unicode fonts for international support -

Now PDF output documents to be generated containing UTF-8 international characters for languages which do not use the Roman alphabet such as Chinese, Hebrew, etc, but the characters won't be displayed if there are no UTF-8 international font files installed in the ProcessMaker server. These font files are not included in the ProcessMaker installer because they occupy more than 22MB.

For international support of UTF-8 characters, download the unicode font file from the wiki at:
And copy it to the directory:

11.- Shadow tables -

PM Tables now have to option to log all data changes, which is saved in the new SHADOW_TABLE table. The user can select whether to log the creation, edition, and deletion of the table and any additions, updates and deletes of data in the table. This functionality is implemented in Propel classes. (The use of Propel clases should allow PM Tables to be created in databases other than MySQL in future versions of ProcessMaker.)

12.- Save the contents of the label of the selected option in a dropdown -

Dropdown boxes have a new attribute called “saveLabel”. When set to “1”, it permits the value of a label for a selected option to be saved automatically in a variable with the same name as the original variable, but with “_label” added to the end of the variable name.

13.- Al editar la definición de un PM Table o ver los datos de la misma no se muestra el nombre de la tabla -

Show the name of the table when editing the definition of a PM Table or view data from a PM Table.

14.- El listado de procesos en los que un usuario puede iniciar casos no esta ordenado por ningún criterio -

Processes are now ordered according to their case title.

15.- Asociar los xmlforms con campos de lo PM Tables -

Now it is possible to associate fields in a DynaForm with fields in a PM Table by editing its XML code. The data entered in the DynaForm can be automatically accessed and saved. Currently this functionality is only available through XML, but it will be available from the graphic interface in future releases.

In order to asociate fields in a DynaForm with data in a PM Table, first establish a pmconnection. To do this, use the XML attribute “pmtable” to specify the UID of the PM Table and the XML attribute “key” to specify the keys of the rows to be retrieved from the PM Table. The pmconnection should be given a name which will be used to identify it when used in later elements of the DynaForm.

In this example a pmconnection called “CLIENTS_CONNECTION” is defined:
<CLIENTS_CONNECTION type="pmconnection"
pmtable="6119139294a843924e70988028788673" keys="@#CLIENT" />

The attribute “keys” can be a fixed value or a ProcessMaker variable. If a PM Table contains multiple keys, the key values can be separated by commas (,) or by pipes (|). If the “key” is assigned an empty string or a key value which doesn't exist, then a new row will be created in the PM Table when the DynaForm is saved.

It is possible to have any number of different connections to PM Tables in a DynaForm. After creating a pmconnection, its data can be accessed from a DynaForm field by using the XML attribute “pmconnection” to specify the name of the pmconnection and the XML attribute “pmfield” to specify the name of the field which will be associated with the field in the DynaForm.

For example:

<ID type="text" maxlength="64" validate="Any" required="0" readonly="0" size="50" mode="edit" pmconnection="CLIENTS_CONNECTION" pmfield="ID">

***Bugs Fixed***

1.- Open link in Advanced Search did not work -

2.- wsdl incompatible with .net web services -

3.- C# integration error -

4.- Bug:3642 blank date field in PM table throws error. -

5.- Bug:3644 Unclear message when saving a PM table with no primary key -

6.- Bug:3647 Deligate task to final process in Webservices -

7.- Bug:3663 Dyanform Field Labels -

8.- Bug:3670 Error creating any field or open an existing field -

9.- Bug:3673 Power Pack versioning is not working well (new release - 2454) -

10.- Internet Explorer no aparece barra de creacion de reglas de derivación -

11.- Las tablas ISO de los paises, ciudad y locaciones tiene problemas con UTF-8 -

12.- PM TABLES, campo tipo DATE, en la introduccion de valores, solo unas fechas predefinidas. -

13.- Web entry popup upon sending form displays wrong text -

14.- Clicking column headers in PM Tables causes error -

15.- Why pictures don´t work for pdf output document? It worked for doc. -

16.- Output documents: html source view -

17.- There is not the option "Leaf End" -

18.- warning message in report tables – NO CORRESPONDE, este bug no esta resuelto.

NOTE: appears to be typing error which included a link to another bug which doesn't have anything to do with this bug. The description to the bug in question has been corrected.

19.- Bug:3550 After Derivate Trigger executed twice -

20.- FEATURE Request - Logo upload in setup -

21.- Process Library Unaccessible -

22.- When I use Knowledge Tree, the tracker can´t show the input and output documents -

Plugin error which couldn't be replicated.

Hugo found this error when importing the plugin
[03:46:56 p.m.] Fatal error: Class 'knowledgeTreePlugin_' not found in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/methods/setup/pluginsImportFile.php on line 95

Needs to be corrected:
By Reegan
Not bad at all fellas and gllaas. Thanks.

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