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We’re excited to invite you to a private beta of our latest release!

What’s new with PM-4?
    • Completely new architecture, built for speed and scalability. Entirely based on event-driven, asynchronous API calls
    • Reimagined Process Modeler is now fully 100% BPMN 2.0 compliant
    • New Screen Builder for better and easier Form authoring
    • New Script IDE authoring environment, to create and test scripts in PHP, C#, Java or Javascript
    • Independent Screen and Script libraries which live outside of processes and provide better support for reusability and scalability
    • New JSON-based fluid data model support for better integration and data manipulation capabilities
    • Easily customized UI (logos, fonts and colors)
    • Fully extensible via Laravel packages.
    … and more!
We know we have a lot of solution experts in here, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to show off your skills and win big!

Here are the categories and what you can win:
    • $100 for Best Process Design (Must work and be able to run a request.)
    • $90 for Best Script Task
    • $80 for Best Multi-Page Web Entry Form
    • $70 for Most Bugs Reported (Must be confirmed by our team as a bug.)

In addition to the above prizes, enjoy exclusive access to the following:
    • Pre-loaded sample processes and case data
    • FREE weekly PM-4 training webinars

Sign up for the beta program here:
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