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Hi everyone,
It's great to see all the questions about developing processes on the forum, but we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion because questions about ProcessMaker 2 and 3 are mixed together in our "Development Discussion" forum, with occasional questions about the development of future versions of ProcessMaker. Often times people were posting questions about PM 2 and receiving answers for PM 3 or vice versa.

To eliminate the confusion, we are creating three new forums:
- ProcessMaker 3 > Developing processes and programming
- ProcessMaker 2 > Developing processes and programming
- ProcessMaker Development > Development of the ProcessMaker application

You can still post under the old "Development Discussion" forum, which we have renamed to "Development Discussion (archived)", but please start any new topics in our new forums.

We have started the "Development of the ProcessMaker application" forum, because we want to hear your suggestions about how ProcessMaker can be improved. We also love to hear from people who are playing with our source code and figuring out how to tweak and extend it. The Community Edition is Open Source because we want our community to be able to adapt and improve it. (We just ask that you share your improvements with us.)

Looking forward to reading your posts,
Amos Batto

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